Standard Warranty memoryexpress provides a one (1) year limited warranty on all new items purchased, unless otherwise specified. Refurbished clearance items carry a sixty (60) day limited warranty and all other clearance items carry a one (1) year limited warranty, unless otherwise specified.

memoryexpress also offers a comprehensive In-Store Product Replacement (IPR) plan, available for purchase on most items we carry:

In-Store Product Replacement (IPR) PlanPrintable Version
Protect your investment with an In-Store Product Replacement (IPR) plan from memoryexpress, when you purchase online or at one of our retail locations.

Benefits of Purchasing with an In-Store Product Replacement Plan
Worry free product replacement service
With our In-Store Product Replacement plan simply bring the defective product to the nearest memoryexpress along with the original packaging and accessories. A technician will test it and confirm whether a replacement product is needed.
Replacements are new, not refurbished
With our IPR plan you get a new replacement product and not a refurbished product. This is an important difference from traditional warranty programs that only offer refurbished or reconditioned replacement products that tend to be more prone to failure.

No Dead or Stuck Pixels
With In-Store Product Replacement you are protected against dead or stuck pixels for the duration of IPR purchased on LCD Monitors, excluding physical damage to the monitor.

Less down time
You get a new replacement for defective hardware during the IPR coverage period. This means instead of waiting weeks (typically) for a replacement from the manufacturer, you will have your IPR covered system, notebook, or parts back within 5 business days or less.

Your technology is protected from obsolescence
If your entire system is protected with the In-Store Product Replacement plan memoryexpress will ensure that you have a complete working system in the event of a hardware failure. This means that if a component such as your motherboard were to fail, but the same CPU socket type is no longer available we will also replace the CPU with an equivalent one that will work in the replacement motherboard.

One-time cost is less than service and replacement cost
With IPR you pay only the one-time cost for the IPR plan which is far less than the cost of service and replacement and far less waiting. If you were to replace a component such as a video card without IPR you could pay between $100 and $300 for a replacement card and an additional $100 for a two hour service fee to install it.

IPR is fully transferable
Your investment in IPR is transferable to the next owner of the product, giving long-term added value for resale and peace of mind.

Battery Life Protection NEW
With IPR, the battery capacity of your device is protected! memoryexpress will replace the product’s orginal battery ONE TIME during the IPR coverage period if it fails to hold a 60% charge*.
*memoryexpress reserve the right to replace the battery with a third-party battery if the orginal replacement battery is no longer available.

IPR Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between the manufacturer’s warranty and IPR?
IPR goes far beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty. With all replacement hardware being new and not refurbished, a trouble free exchange for defective parts is ensured.
Another important difference is that you don’t need to ship a defective product back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement; you simply bring the product to the nearest memoryexpress to have it replaced.

What if my product has been discontinued?
If your IPR covered product has been discontinued or memoryexpress is unable to provide the exact same product for replacement, an equivalent item with the same or similar technical specifications will be provided.

I have important information; can I just replace my notebook and swap in my old hard drive? Absolutely, if your notebook is within the IPR coverage period and becomes defective, as long as the exact same model of notebook is still available. *Major hardware changes like this may require you to reactivate Microsoft Windows. *This procedure is only possible if your old hard drive is still operational.

I ordered online in Canada and there isn’t a local memoryexpress, how can I use IPR?
For online customers in Canada that live out of town or in cities where there is not a local memoryexpress, memoryexpress will pay 2-way shipping* to and from memoryexpress for all defective products with an IPR plan. A prepaid waybill will be provided for returning the defective product to memoryexpress for testing. memoryexpress will also cover the cost of shipping to send you a replacement product. * Not available for the Northern Territories.

Is my data covered under IPR?
Unfortunately memoryexpress is unable to warranty or guarantee any customer data due to the complexity and severity of intellectual property claims.

What if I have IPR on only one component in my system?
We recommend that the IPR plan be purchased on the entire system as we only replace components covered with IPR. This means that if you were only to purchase IPR coverage for just the motherboard and not the CPU we would only be able to replace the motherboard even if the replacement board no longer supports the original CPU type.

Is a projector bulb covered by IPR?
The In-Store Product Replacement plan does not cover components considered by the manufacturer as consumables such as projector bulbs, printer ink/toner cartridges, and disposable batteries.

If I don’t purchase IPR does that mean memoryexpress will not warranty my product?
No, memoryexpress will always take care of our customers with our standard 1-year warranty. Within the first year of purchase memoryexpress can handle warranty claims to the manufacturer for you, but cannot provide an in store product replacement without the purchase of an IPR plan.

What’s Not Covered Under IPR
An In-Store Product Replacement will only be provided for defective hardware. If your IPR covered computer system or notebook has a software issue such as a driver incompatibility, software corruption, viruses or other malware, a memoryexpress service technician will restore your system to factory new condition at your nearest memoryexpress. If data backup is required, requested and achievable an additional service charge will apply.

memoryexpress does not warranty or guarantee any customer data due to the complexity and severity of intellectual property claims.
IPR does not cover physical damage (including liquid damage) or product abuse, nor does it cover products that have been altered or modified.
IPR does not cover the replacement of product(s) due to loss or theft.
IPR is not valid if any security seals or serial numbers have been removed, tampered or altered.
Due to the nature of special order products they may take longer than 5 working days for replacement.
Systems that are liquid cooled are not eligible for IPR coverage.

*IPR for a computer system covers only the case and components included within the case. External peripherals are not included under the IPR coverage for computer systems, as they are considered separate products.

Before an In-Store Product Replacement is provided a memoryexpress technician must test and confirm the validity of the claim. At this time the technician will determine whether the product can be repaired within a maximum of 5 business days or if a replacement product is needed.
On some occasions the repair of custom built computer systems may take longer than 5 working days, this is due to the difficulty in diagnosing some software / hardware problems with uniquely configured systems.